The enterprise culture

Ningboherb (TCM) to create healthy enterprise culture, and to motivate staff morale and employee motivation

1. Establish a factory for the home "ownership" concept

2. To realize the value of the enterprise and individual homogeneity

3. Encourage compliment to the spirit of innovation

Ningboherb  corporate culture  from                                                                                                                            

1. Sound promotion mechanism

2. The quality of employees training on a regular basis

3. Rich in team activities

Equity incentive mechanism

Ningbo Chinese medicine after restructuring, equity incentive mechanism is established, the company absorb ability motivated elite management and technical backbone to join become the shareholders of a company, enterprise development of "ownership" is the best embodiment.

Company staff to ensure

Ningbo Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the employees social security work and personal safety protection, the enterprise long-term stable development have enough human resources guarantee.

Enterprise innovation idea

Ningbo traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a pioneer in the field of standardization of Chinese medicine extraction technology development, the enterprise has been to develop the innovative ability of reuse have professional talent, is committed to make a contribution to the development of TCM modernization.