Research and production

Ningbo herb research and development

   Ningbo herb  technical development team is committed to Chinese traditional medicine herbal plant extract new technology and new applications of effective components research and development work, to constantly meet drugs, dietary supplements, food, food ingredients and additives, functional beverage, personal care, beauty, feed and feed additives, such as tobacco and environmental protection industry the new requirements of customers.

Ningbo traditional Chinese medicine research and development team has three doctor, master of a dozen, and zhejiang university, Shanghai medical professionals and international well-known research institutions, colleges and universities cooperation.

Square root anti-aging and anti-oxidation focus on Chinese medicine plant screening of new components

   ) focus in the area of heart head blood-vessel, memory to improve efficacy composition mechanism research

   ) focus on Chinese medicine high bioavailability products improved formula of research and development

   ) focus on traditional Chinese medicine extraction without no solvent residual pesticide residues treatment technology research and development

   ) focus on Chinese medicine plant fermentation extraction technology of research and development

   ) Square root focused on research and development of traditional Chinese medicine raw materials extraction pretreatment technology

   ) focus on Chinese medicine plant flavor smell collection and removal process of research and development

   ) focus on traditional Chinese medicine extraction in feed, tobacco, and research on the application of environmental protection and other fields

Ningbo herb production

   Ningbo herb equipment, the extraction with the industry's most advanced can be inventory for more than 30 tons, processing of Chinese herbal medicine raw materials more than 10000 tons.

Ningbo herb has an area of 1500 square meters of drug GMP standard D baked package workshop, workshop has a spray drying, vacuum drying, hot air drying, crushing, sieving, dry granulation, metal detection sorting machine and other advanced production equipment, can timely and effectively meet customer's different specifications and packaging requirementsof the product.