Quality management

1.Quality management responsibility

Ningbo herb quality assurance comes from:

Square root pharmaceutical GMP production control system

Square root new detection method of verification and correction ability

Quality standard material separation should bring along their own ability

Tick species identification ability for raw materials

Quality raw materials detect pesticide residues technical capabilities

Square root effective component content analysis ability

Tick multiple analysis of heavy metals detection ability

Tick multiple solvent residue analysis ability

Tick multiple microbial detection ability

Square root of perfecting QA monitoring management mechanism

2.Testing equipment and projects

Quality management department is equipped with international advanced high performance liquid chromatograph Gas chromatograph Atomic absorption spectrometer Ultraviolet spectrophotometer and equipment testing of products such as thin layer chromatograph biological active ingredients Solvent residual pesticide residues of heavy metals and microbial indicators.

* chart for the company quality management department