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Sixty years enterprise

The development course


The first phase the accumulation of history

The second stage take-off

The third stage Brilliant future

The first stage


In 1956, As the socialist transformation, ningbo guoguang pharmaceutical factory and the pharmaceutical department of pharmacy public-private partnerships, was established on January characters on pharmaceutical department, staff 161 people, the output value 1.06 million yuan.

In 1958, Renamed ningbo national medicine preparation plant, USES the steam condensed, dry half mechanization technology, production increase syrup new dosage forms, liquid extract, capsule, tablet, etc.

In 1960, Relocation Yin county plum ruins, 272 workers.

In 1962, Incorporated into the ningbo pharmaceutical factory, proprietary Chinese medicine shop.

Ningbo Chinese medicine pharmaceutical factory moved medicine 1965 cent gives a line stone street lane, produces the drug 10, 232 tons.

In 1972, Ningbo traditional Chinese medicine factory wangjing road.

1980 technical transformation investment 5.5 million yuan, is one of the important Chinese traditional medicine production enterprises in the province. Products include SangJu's cold tablet, radix isatidis granule eight Jane granule, ginseng, ginseng tremella extract, nourishing cream, etc.

In 1990,The worker 491 people, 1990 production 409 tons, the output value of 9.42 million yuan.

In 1992, Become one of the key enterprises in zhejiang province specializing in the production of Chinese patent medicine. Production of traditional Chinese medicine oral liquid, granule, tablet, capsule, pill, powder, paste zi agent, medicated wine, health drink, western medicine tincture agent such as 12 categories, more than 160 varieties, to "noon crane" brand trademark. Annual output value of 15 million yuan.

1993 banlangen granule for three times got the first place in the zhejiang province with varieties of quality appraisal; Daisy's cold tablet, ginseng tremella extract, eight infusion of Jane Was named the province quality products; Cixi life treasure oral liquid was awarded the first China food expo silver medal, the national JianKangBei excellence award, the Chinese pharmacological society of national excellent anti-inflammatory, immune system and anti-aging medicine exposition. With the institute, the successful development baby Ann solution, cold ling and so on more than 10 new products. The products sell well, part of entering the international market.

In 1994 began to transition to export production and processing enterprises, start the development of standardization of Chinese medicine plant extracts, to become China's first production standardization ginkgo biloba ketone ester, multi-layer tower huperzine a, green tea polyphenols, ginseng saponins, American ginseng saponins and other products of export enterprises.

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