R&D Center

Pharmaceutical R&D Center

Ningbo Herb focuses on building a high-tech and experienced R&D team composed of several Ph.D.s and master's degree members, meanwhile, maintains close cooperation with the country's well-known research institutions and universities. Ningbo Herb also attaches great importance to the research and development of extraction process, selects the best process through numerous small pilot tests and continuously improves it during large-scale production to ensure that the extraction technology used is the most advanced in the world.

All production process used by Ningbo Herb are strictly designed in accordance with the state food and drug regulations. No harmful solvents were allowed in production to avoid any kinds of food and drug safety risks, in this way Ningbo herb provides the most solid backing by strengthening the end products of all the customers.

Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department

Ningbo Herb strictly controls every step from raw material screening, production, packaging to finished product shipping. The Quality Control Department is equipped with advanced equipment such as HPLC, GC, AAS, UV and TLC to monitor the bio-active ingredients, solvent residues, heavy metals, pesticide residues, microorganisms and other indicators.

Ningbo Herb pays attention to the introduction and training of high-quality QA/QC personnel so that they have professional knowledge and rich experience to ensure the superior products for all market demands.


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